5 reasons why gambling should be illegal

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Gambling And Casinos Should Be Banned - DebateWise To gamble is irrational and reckless. There may be the possibility of winning a big prize, but the ... Casinos calculate their odds so that they will always make a profit. Gambling attracts people with little money who are desperate for a windfall. These are the people who can least afford to lose money. They should be protected from the temptation to gamble. Gambling should be banned, or at least very tightly controlled. 5 Reasons to Legalize Gambling in the U.S. Currently, the U.S. does not seem to know what to do in regards to legalizing gambling. Some states, like Nevada, allow land casinos to operate. Others, like Illinois, only allow riverboat casinos. The following is a list of reasons why all states should lift their bans on gambling in any form. Why Gambling is Good and should not be Banned

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Gambling can be a bit of fun, but if it becomes compulsive or involves significant loss of money or property, it is considered an addiction and a mental health problem. After diagnosis, treatment ... 4 Reasons Why Gambling Can Be Made Legal – Antique Mall ... In fact, the whole world is debating on why and why should gambling be made legal. Almost all of are under the perception that gambling is an illegal activity and that it has to be banned. But we would like to contradict a bit. Here are some of the reasons as to why gambling shouldn’t be banned, and that they can be made legal globally. 5 Reasons to Legalize Gambling in the U.S.

Oct 25, 2008 · Answers. Best Answer: In my opinion, I believe that gambling should be illegal. My reasons: --it can control a person's thoughts and behaviour--his/her priority in life --it can cause a person to use money that is necessary for the family's daily expenses --it can increase crime--e.g. more home break-ins to steal TVs, jewelry, etc.

Casinos are poverty sinkholes because the daily gambling addict blows all of his cash chasing the ..... So should we make cheating illegal too? The Future of Sports Betting - What could go wrong if sports betting ...

Why Should Gambling Be Legal? ... Gambling has been illegal on the whole United States except for the state of Nevada. ... January 5, 2018, ...

Why should gambling be illegal? | Page 5 | SpaceBattles Forums Certainly, as a percentage. But that's a percentage of a much larger group gambling. Let's say gambling is illegal, and 50 people go to the illegal venue. Similarly, gambling is legal, and 500 people gamble, with 400 going to the legal venues, and 100 going to the illegal venues, for various reasons.

Gambling should not be made illegal. People should have the right to choose whether they want to take the risk of gambling. Even if gambling were made illegal people would find a way around this law, this would mean that the government would not get any of the money.

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