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Poker vs. Chess - General Poker - CardsChat™ This is a discussion on Poker vs. Chess within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; Hi everyone! I've been recently hearing such opinions that Dota for ex. is new/modern chess Google’s AI has beaten humans at a game harder than chess 2016-3-13 · Google’s AI has beaten humans at a game harder than chess – what do we do next? It won’t wake up tomorrow and realise it’s bored of Go and decide to win some money at poker. Or that it ... Chess Poker Fighter Combat - More money in poker Poker is a far simpler game than either of those, with far Apr 21, 2012 A lot of poker players like to puff out their chests and say, "Well poker is harder than chess". Consider that most people have trouble recalling a new telephone number. Is STRATEGO really harder to solve than chess? | Chess

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Even the Wikipedia “Computer Poker Players” listing is quite a bit shorter than the “Computer Chess” listing. IBM’s Watson got plenty of press regarding playing Jeopardy. Does this mean that the press thinks poker is not as interesting to the future of AI? I don’t know. Article d'échecs : Poker Replaces Chess as Favorite Poker is a much harder task than chess for programmers. Computers excel in performing large numbers of strictly logical computations without errors, but they have little or no natural understanding for the fuzzy, impalpable factors that come into play in poker, such as human psychology and imperfect information – in poker, the game position Game theorists crack poker : Nature News & Comment

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2017-5-3 · Chess has a single opening position. Stratego has more than 10^66 possible opening positions. Even if 99.999...9% of these, with a total of 60 9s, can be dismissed as silly (which is probably too many), that leaves a million to be analyzed. That's a million times more than chess. nlhe - Which requires more skill, cash game or tournament 2019-3-21 · Poker Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for serious players and enthusiasts of poker. Join them; it only takes a minute: Which requires more skill, cash game or tournament poker? ... because it's far more complicated than chess, that have bigger decision trees, and factors that can't even be computed (human factors). ...

Is STRATEGO really harder to solve than chess? | Chess ...

The Closet Grandmaster: Poker vs Chess The idea that because a computer can play chess better than poker means chess is easier is utter stupidity. Computers can do differential equations too. Does that mean poker is harder than a career in math? Computers also don't experience emotion. Does that say something about the difficulty of humans to feel emotion? Is it "difficult" to feel ... Is STRATEGO really harder to solve than chess? | Chess ...