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Might be a good idea to back up your Alien Isolation game in ... Might be a good idea to back up your Alien Isolation game in case auto updates break it. ... Where is the alien isolation save game directory for steam also? permalink; Game Design Deep Dive: The save system of Alien: Isolation What: Alien Isolation's save system I have often answered questions on the game’s systems, the choice of crafting approach, the level design and of course, the alien itself. In Alien: Isolation, can save-reload help with achievements ... Load the current save. Then pause and select the previous save. Note that if you get killed before you save again you'll have to go back to the mission save. For Mercy or Prudence? it appears that you have to load the mission save at least, but I can't confirm that as I didn't kill anyone.

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Save slots - Alien: Isolation Message Board for... -… Two save slots. 'Current' save is the last time you used a save station or the game autosaved. Previous save is the one prior to that. You can, however, start at the beginning of any mission you have already started. alien isolation - Multiple save files? - Arqade I know that there's no multiple save profile in this game but is there a way to save the file on your computer and load it later on ?Necroing this quite hard, but a post on the Steam Community shows the save location is in the Steam Install directory. They're here

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Tips To Avoid The Alien/Xenomorph In Alien Isolation | Attack ... Alien Isolation is not an easy game. The main thing that makes it hard is trying to avoid the main Alien/Xenomorph that lurks around. There are ways to try and avoid it however. The Alien lurks around in the vents mostly and comes down to stalk you at many times during the game. Only a few times are ... Alien: Isolation Save Game | XPG Gaming Community

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